1859.   The  " ligne d'Italie "                                            >>>"wagons"...)

(since 1874  " ligne du Simplon "  also  " ligne du Tonkin ")

-shall be inaugurated from  " Bouveret "  to  " St-Maurice ", on 14th July.
-shoul become with the ship, "l'Industriel", one month before, 8th June,

   6 railroad trucks coming from Morges.

But, in the middle of the lake, the wind shall do that 4 wagons shall roll overboard,
                                  as well as diverse elements of a turn-table.

They shall be found and filmed in 2000, 300m deep.

the story in some pictures.                                                development of railroad, maps (. octets)

view of the wagons.                                                          4 photos of the model in order to explain the situation                              14.03.06

                                                                                          photos on the bottom                      

                                                                                                                photos on the bottom                      

drawing of a turn-table explaining the views on the bottom. drawing (. octets)                   20.02.06

views on the bottom.                                                                          views on the bottom                   20.02.06

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